New Kickin'It Ep "The New Girl" With a Guest Star From Disney XD's "Lab Rats" Kelli Berglund

New Kickin'It episode called "The New Girl" and will air on Sep 23.


Jack and Kim help Rudy recruit Sloana, a prized female student to join the dojo. But when Kim encourages Sloane to pursue her passion for sining instead, Rudy and Jack blame her for sabotaging their big catch. Meanwhile, Milton and Joan host an intervention for Jerry's pathological lying.

There will be a guest star from Disney XD's "Lab Rats" Kelli Berglund  Who will start as Sloane. 

The new Kickin'it episode starring Leo Howard, Mateo Arias, Olivia Holt, Jason Earles, Dylan Riley Snyder & last but not least Kelli Berglund. 

Watch the new Kickin'it episode on Monday Sep 23 at 7/8c on Disney XD.

I'm so excited to seevthe episode! are you too? :) 

This pic shows that Olivia Holt & Kelli Berglund Sining! ohhh this is interesting ;)